Congratulations to those submitting in 2014.

As we approach the end of the year, the Department offers congratulations to the following students and their supervisors who have submitted their PhD or MPhil in 2014. Jeffery Alstott (PhD) – Supervisor Ed Bullmore Rebecca Clark Elford (PhD) – Supervisor Simon Baron-Cohen Anna Ermakova (PhD) – Supervisor Graham Murray Joyce Guo (PhD) – Supervisor […]

The first Cambridge neuroscience society for young investigators: ‘CamBRAIN’.

We recently sat down for an interview with Deniz Vatansever, the founder and president of CamBRAIN – The Cambridge Neuroscience Society.  Tell us about yourself. I studied neuroscience in my bachelors and masters degrees and now I am a third year PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences. My research uses MRI to look at resting state and […]

Top honours for Dr. Ruldolf Cardinal at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Awards 2014.

The Department of Psychiatry would like to extend our congratulations to Dr Rudolf Cardinal on receiving a top honour at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Awards 2014. He was named Higher Psychiatric Trainee of the Year at the ceremony in London last Thursday. Reflecting his dedication and service in mental health, these annual awards are […]

Conversation with new Head of Department Ed Bullmore.

On October 9th, The Department of Psychiatry welcomed Professor Ed Bullmore as Head of Department, succeeding Professor Peter Jones. Professor Bullmore is the fourth person to take the role of head, and in addition to this new position, Professor Bullmore also will continue to serve as co-chair of the Cambridge Neuroscience network, chair of Cambridge […]