Help us defeat dementia in Down’s syndrome!

dids-thermometer-updated-13.8-190x300Welcome to the Defeat Dementia in Down’s Syndrome website. This website will tell you about the study we are doing at the University of Cambridge. We want to look at a chemical called Amyloid, in the brains of people with Down’s syndrome. We think that this chemical might cause memory problems, and we would like to know more about how it does this in people with Down’s syndrome.

Our long term objective is to understand why people with Down’s syndrome are at risk for memory problems so that safe treatments can be developed that might prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down’s syndrome, and in the general population.

To find out more about this study, you can click on ‘More information‘ in the blue box on the right hand side of your screen.

Our research is funded by the Medical Research Council and we receive a lot of help and support from Down’s Syndrome Association and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.