The Cambridge “EpiCentre” group works at the interface between population-based research, neuroscience and clinical psychiatry in order to understand the causes, mechanisms and treatments for psychosis (particularly schizophrenia) dementia, depression and bipolar disorder. The group is led by Professor Peter Jones.

We investigate classical epidemiological characteristics in order to uncover causes, and have particular interests in cognition, longitudinal data and novel modelling approaches to defining life course descriptions of disorders and psychological dimensions in the population that we believe are stronger phenotypes for aetiological, genetic and treatment research than traditional approaches.

Established in 2009, EpiCentre brings together researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and allied collaborators at the University of Cambridge actively involved in investigating the underlying epidemiological, genetic, neurobiological and psychological influences on the causes and outcomes of various psychiatric disorders.

We have many local and international collaborators, particularly with the University of Oulu, Finland, and the MRC LHA unit. We have a strong partnership with the local clinical service for first episode psychosis, CAMEO.

EpiCentre meets on a rolling fortnightly basis to share research projects, problems and ideas in a supportive, discursive forum. On these pages you will find further information about members of the EpiCentre group, their research interests, projects and publications as well as details of how to get in touch with us. You will also find a wealth of further resources made available by the group, including publicly available datasets, open-access publications and our ideas lab; an online forum where researchers can discuss issues, ideas and problems.