Support staff


Research, education and clinical activities of the Department are underpinned by support staff, who oversee and implement the effective management and running of the Department to help us achieve our mission. Overall administrative duties, including  strategy, finance, human resources and health and safety are undertaken by our Core Administrative Staff. In addition, site-specific support staff work at each of our main locations to offer researchers administerial support.

Finally, other members of the Department will often take on administrative duties, such as sitting on various committees (education, website, health and safety) or having additional duties (for example, site-specific health & safety officers or fire wardens). We have compiled a table of people and duties, to help you identify who you should contact about a given issue. If still unsure, speak with your line manager or local administrator in the first instance who will be able to assist you.

All support staff are listed in the table below. For information about other people in the Department who have other support roles, please see this page.

Link to profileFirst nameLast namePositionEmailTelMain locationOther location
DominicDraneHR AdministratorE-mail761 290Level 4DH
MarkGouldingFinance OfficerE-mail336 974Level 4DH
AmandaGreenFinance ClerkE-mail336 967Level 4DH
CarolineHartReceptionist/Administrator Douglas House (Thu-Fri)E-mail746 058DH
TaraHaydenPA to Prof. Paul FletcherE-mail769 499HSB
MegHorobinPA to Prof. John O'BrienE-mail768 509Level 4
EleanorJainTeam Leader Douglas House Admin TeamE-mail746 162DH
HelenKellSenior Finance Officer (currently on Maternity leave)
RebeccaKennySecretary/Administrator DH Lead Admin ARCE-mail746 057DH
JennaKimberley-DuffellTeam Leader Douglas House (currently on Maternity Leave)
HelenLonerganBusiness & Operations ManagerE-mail746 551Level 4DH
SallyMaskellPA to Prof. Peter Jones (Head of Department)E-mail336 961HSB
ChristinaMauriceReceptionist/Administrator Douglas House (Mon-Wed)E-mail746 058DH
AdisaPamukcicEducation Administrator (currently on Maternity Leave)
OlgaPlocienniczakEducation AdministratorE-mail746 105DH
SueRowanAdministrator/SecretaryE-mail746 018DH
SuzieTallSecretary/Administrator DH Lead Admin CIDDRGE-mail746 007DH
LauraVillisResearch Project AdministratorE-mail746 068DH