The Department is very keen to encourage undergraduate and clinical students to consider a career in academic and clinical psychiatry. By visiting the other pages on this site you will have learnt about the broad range of clinical and research opportunities and themes undertaken by members of the Department.

We promote and encourage any student interested in learning more about psychiatry to pursue their ideas with a suitable member of the Deparment. In the first instance, students may wish to consult Dr Paul Wilkinson, who is the Speciality Director of Undergraduate Psychiatry. Students may also wish to discuss their particular clinical or research interests with an appropriate principal investigator.

On these pages, we also provide testimonials from some of our staff members, many of whom began their careers just like you. You can read about why people chose a career in academic psychiatry and what they do in their jobs. We hope these will be valuable to students considering a career in academic or clinical psychiatry.


  • Dr Paul Wilkinson – University Lecturer & Honorary Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Undergraduate Psychiatry Speciality Director.
  • Professor Peter Jones – Professor of Psychiatry, Head of Department, Academic psychiatrist and psychiatric epidemiologist.
  • Dr Sam Chamberlain – Psychiatric trainee and research in the neurochemical and neural substrates of cognition

You may also find useful information about a career in psychiatry from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.